Phone Link,微软官方出品打通 Android、iOS 设备

今天微软宣布 Phone Link 应用开始支持 iOS 设备,只要你是 Windows 11 的用户,都可以在 Windows 上查看、回复 iPhone 上的消息、接打电话、查看通知。

玩客以前也介绍过两款类似的产品,分别是 Intel UnisonKDE Connect,感兴趣的可以去看看。

Phone Link 的模式和 Intel Unison 类似,在 iPhone 上安装“连接至 Windows”的应用,扫二维码,赋予权限,即可使用。需要运行 iOS 14 及以上版本的 iPhone 设备。

Phone Link,可以在 Windows 上收发短信、查看通知。

TC 有一段介绍

Phone Link offers basic support for calls, messages and contacts, but it has some limitations, as it doesn’t support the option to reply to group messages or send images and videos. Microsoft notes that messages are session based and will only come through when your phone is connected to your PC. Notifications are delivered to the PC through Windows notifications, which means users can check, pin and dismiss them from the Windows interface.

感觉 Phone Link 还有很长的路要走,目前来说,接打电话、查看通知、回复消息,拿起手机还是挺方便的,如果能实现苹果生态的文件发送、剪贴板共享等,就更实用了,也就更有产品力了。


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