cloudflare创始人:Michelle Zatlyn, Lee Holloway, and Matthew Prince

很多同学都在使用 CloudFlare 的服务,大家都担心上市之后,受投资者的影响,会改变目前部分资源免费使用的状态,在阅读了他们创始人的公开信之后,大家可以放心,CDNDNS 应该依旧会免费。公开信里面说到:

We provide features like CDN and DNS for free to all of our customers. We will continue to implement this strategy; onboarding more customers onto our platform and capturing value from our highly differentiated products that, once using any part of Cloudflare’s platform, are only a click away.

免费的 CDN 和 DNS 可以说是他们的一项经营策略,借助这两大基础设施,吸引更多的用户使用 CloudFlare 的服务。用户多起来,体验到了 CloudFlare 产品的价值,就会有更多的用户去尝试付费的产品,那他们就实现创收了,这正也是投资者需要的。

Potential investors who are new to Cloudflare sometimes ask questions like: “What will you do if CDN bandwidth prices continue to fall?” We remind them we’ve given CDN away for free since Cloudflare launched in 2010, not because we were trying to disrupt the CDN space, but because the much more valuable products we provide our customers need a highly optimized global caching network to perform up to our standards.

在我的印象中,CloudFlare 是一家新技术的推广者,在大家还在使用 HTTP 的时候,他们开始推广 HTTPS 和 HTTP/2,现在又在推广 HTTP/3;针对上网用户,他们推出了1.1.1.1的 DoH (DNS over HTTPS)服务,加密 DNS 解析流量,加速域名解析的同时又保证了私密性。

CloudFlare 推广的都是网络基础设施,印证了他们的口号:we are helping to build a better Internet.


A Letter from Matthew Prince and Michelle Zatlyn


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